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Two weeks! I made it this far :)

well I made it to the two week mark, feeling quite chuffed with myself, No kids this weekend to keep me occupied, and supposed to be going out with mates tomorrow, but I dont know if I am at that stage where I am comfortable being able to go out and having a few beers with mates who smoke, and dont want to let myself down in a moment of weakness!

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Yeah you are right Max, i know it sounds weak, but dont think I could trust myself just yet. I might have to excuse myself, as I really think I would hate myself if I gave in now, just because I was out drinking..



Congratulations Munkey69 - getting the first two weeks over with is fantastic, and you should not risk it in anyway. You have accomplished a magnificent achievement, and you would not want to throw that away.

As for going out with your mates - only you know if you are at the stage where you can resist temptation, particularly with drinking. All the best in making the right decision - can you psyche yourself up enough to tell yourself that you will not smoke under any circumstances - that is the question. :confused:

Only you know if your mental strength is strong enough now or if you need more time. All the best.:)


Two weeks Munkey - nice going!

It's a test you have to take and pass at some point, I got it out of the way early on with sheer determination but it's a real challenge and only you can know if you're ready for it. I think consensus is that nothing should jeopardise a quit that is still early days, but it's each to their own. Whatever you decide I fully expect you to still be smoke-free on Monday, you're going well!! :)


That`s great! But be careful and strong!



Munkey you are doing yourself proud and also those in day 1 ect................These people now need people like us to look up to and to see that the impossible is possible.

As for the drinking, i was out on day 1 of my quit just to face it face on, and to be honest there are many of our friends who are smokers that would love you, and people like ourselves to fail because they can not do it them selves.(There are also some very supportive smokers too) I dont think they are being nasty by doing this, its just a little bit of jealousy, so just be on your guard.

The way i cracked it was to stand with them outside just so that i could smell it because i did still like the smell, but now the smell to me smells very sickly and it does spoil my beer. But look we are all different and i would never spoil my beer now with that dreadful nicotine stench. GOOD LOOK :D:D:D:D


Decided not to risk the going out yet, just not worth it :) I really would hate myself if I smoked, so not even going to put the temptation in the way


Brilliant stuff Munkey.. plenty of time to cross that 'night out with the mates' bridge.

keep digging deep and stay strong

Donna :)


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