Yay! Day 3

Whoohoo, at day 3! Still not too bad, apart from being concious of not smoking all day, if that makes any sense? Slept alot better last night and woke up with a bit of a cough and cold, but look at that as a great sign cos its clearing away all the gunk. Just out the shower and smelling absolutely gorgeous!!!! Now going to buy a treadmill to keep the weight off, omg, i am going to be so beautiful, hehe. Hope everyone else has a great day too. X x x

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  • Congratulations

    Congratulations denise123 - the first few days are the worst. It's a great idea to buy a treadmill - overtime you fancy a cigarette you can get on the treadmill. For a while, in the early days of my quit, I can remember jogging on the spot in the lounge room to stop me thinking of cigarettes - the things we do:)

    The treadmill will make you feel great and keep off the weight.

  • Haha, i think not! Not yet anyway. Hoping the wrinkles will calm down as well! Feeling a bit more energetic, tomorrows another day, but for today, bring it on!:)

  • You're a day ahead of me so I do like reading your posts ;) what a fab idea though - if only I had somewhere for a treadmill to go! Might do some jogging on the spot when I get a craving instead, same principle! I haven't had any coughs yet so trying to 'look forward' to them - like you say, it's all clearing out the gunk.

    Keep up the good work!

  • Great Claire! I'll be looking out for your posts too. Im so determined to do this. When i get a niggling crave i feel great for brushing it aside, its like a boxing match, nicotine 0, me 100! I probably sound crazy, but whatever helps cant be bad. ;)

  • Woohooo :D Keep going Denise, you're doing great.

    Denise x

  • LOL Denise you sound mad, keep up the good work and g'luck :)

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