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No Smoking Day
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Love it

I had been a heavy smoker since I was a teenager, but to my surprise was able to quit "cold turkey." However, my weight shot up and I felt very self-conscious. When a friend congratulated me on giving up cigarettes, I exclaimed, "But look at all these added pounds!"

Her reply was one I'll always treasure. "Oh, my dear, don't worry about that!" she said. "Just think of all the extra years you will have in which to lose them."

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Overheard, "You know, lady, you don't actually smoke. The cigarette does all the smoking, you are just the sucker!" :D:D:D:D


A doctor asked his patient trying to quit smoking, "Do you smoke after sex?"

She responded, "I don't know. I never looked." :D:D:D:D


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