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Day 60 - 50 - 40

Hi all,

Sorry for the lack of forum time I have given lately, I have been unbelievably busy with house hunting and settling into my new job. No house as yet but work is surprisingly good, even in the snow we had lol.

I have been looking in every now and then and thank you to those that have left me messages.

Rest easy all we are all still going strong, and the title of this thread shows the days we are now at.

I do hope every body is still going strong and look forward to try and spend some more time here than I have.

Don xx

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Areet Don :)

Good to see you for an update :).

Mols has been keeping an eye on you and saw that you had been on so sort of knew all was good :) .... if you know what I mean!

Glad you and your better half are still going strong :)

Good luck with the house and glad the job is going well.

Take care



Cheers Nifty and Mols to.

Yeah have been popping on to check up and catch up. Its just been a crazy month so far, every time I try and post something crops up, haven't had a moment to spare.



Wotcha Don

It's really good to hear that all is well with you and yours and that all 3 quits are still going strong.

I hope you find a house soon and I'm well chuffed you are enjoying your job.

Just think, that's you going into the month 3 room on Tuesday, brilliant stuff :D

Molly x


haven't had a moment to spare.


That's the best way isn't it mucker?

Head down, busy busy, keep going .. before you know it you'll be completely recovered from smoking!!!....Awesome! :)


Hi mols

Wow, yss into month 3 Tuesday and 9th anniversary Thursday, quite a week this week. So glad to hear from you and hear you still strong and positive.

Nifty, you're right, busy is this best way. I had lost track of days quit and had to do a recount. Got to be a good thing hasn't it??



Good new, good good good, very good. Don, so glad you're doing just fine! :)


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