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Stupid Boy!

Its all gone wrong again I'm afraid.I stopped smoking last October and this week stupidly I put one in my mouth again! That was Sunday and now its Friday and I'm feeling all the crap stuff I quit for in the first place! I'm really ashamed of myself and already know I need to stop again now.

Its strange but I've been caught out by the old "I feel great again so one cigarette wont hurt scenario".

I feel such an idiot so if you are tempted to go back - DON'T DO IT!!!! Or you'll probably end up like me knowing I have to go through the whole quit process once again :(

Any encouragement greatly received.

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Sorry to hear you fell off the wagon and thanks for the warning !


Dont beat yourself up,just pick yourself up and start again.There isnt a quitter that hasnt fallen right back in the very trap that they dragged themselves out of.

Im in the same position as you,quit for 3mths and smoked for 6wks....

Im back to day 2,its a pain that I have to go through withdrawel again,but the chest pains come back with a vengence so everybody wanting a fag...

It aint worth it!!!Dont do it,honestly you,ll only wish you me!:D


Thanks so much for all your kind words and I'll make tomorrow my new quit day.

I figure the sooner I stop the better or its just gonna get harder as it becomes more a part of my life.

Thanks again and I'll keep you posted :)



I'm sure each and every one of us have been where you are. I know I have!

But, you've chosen the right path again, good for you, I'm sure you'll do fine:)

Fi x


Look for the positives :-)

Hi Jonny.

At least you realised very quickly that you made the wrong decision :D hop back onto the wagon there's plenty of room and we'll give a hand up!

Good luck with the quit, maybe a week back on them will help you to stay quit for good? If you feel your resolve weaken at any point re-read your post and remind yourself how rubbish smoking makes you feel :)


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