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Feeling edgy...


Why do I feel edgy all the time :confused: Honestly everything is annoying me at the moment, not sure if it's cos i'm stressed anyway, but it's driving me mad - I don't even want to smoke, but I don't want to feel so anxious all the time either - I feel like i'm going to have a panic attack :(

Hope this feeling passes, it's been a few days now...

Denise x

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When I smoked I had times when I felt edgy. Now I don't smoke I still have times when I feel edgy. If I smoke or not I am still going to have those times when everything is aggggggggghhhh.

What I can say for definate is that now I don't smoke those times are more rare, I am more relaxed about things and more confident.

Would having a smoke help? No no no it would not.

You are almost a month down and doing so well. Don't throw it all away.

Just get through today and then when you get up in the morning just say I am going to just get through this day and the same the day after and so on.

Hi Denise and firstly many congratulations on your quit so far.

I'm sorry that you have been having a few edgy days , I think I understand what you mean but I always refer to myself as being a bit 'twitchy'. I've always been a fidget pants and generally have the attention span of a newt.

During my quit I have been trying really hard to keep myself busy or even just something simple like watching loads of TV ( given the chance) or sewing ( bit boring for some maybe :D )

Anyway I'm sure that the edginess will pass and having read some of your posts before, your positive attitude will see you through until it passes.

Giving in to a ciggie will only set off a whole new raft of anxiety and disappointment.

Hang on in there and take care

Donna :)

Thanks Aitch, i've given up before & not felt like this so it's just worrying me a bit... I' deffo not going to smoke, I don't even want to - that's not the problem...

Thanks Kat, think i'll have a look for them tomorrow - anything is worth a try right now :)

Thanks Donna, i'm trying to keep busy but like you i'm a fidget too!!

Denise x

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