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Hi Folks

Thought I'd register and say hello. I hope to be able to give and receive some support to my fellow quitters, I'm on day 10: cold turkey since reading the Allen Carr book.

The first three days were not pleasant, and the first week was tough, but this week is not so bad. I'm enjoying being smoke free, pleased that I never have to smoke again.

I have good motivation for my quit and am feeling very positive about it. I'd had the odd month free of tobacco before, but that was always with patches or lozenges which made it easier than it should have been - it didn't prepare me for when I forgot to take NRT out with me, or for when I had to step down the treatment.

After 10 days cold turkey I feel much better than I ever did on a previous NRT quit.

Each to their own. Best wishes to all.

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Hi Tony

Hello and welcome :D

You must feel so proud, 10 days CT is brilliant, and I am so glad you have the motivation to stay quit.

You have come to the right place for support, this forums gives copious amounts of support but most people here are as mad as a hatter (but in a good way).

Well done.


Yay, a fellow CT quitter! Everyone else seems to be on chimpax! Welcome Tony, ten days is great going CT (hate the term personally), you must be feeling some real benefits already. :)


Welcome Tony! Great that you have done 10 days, the early days are the hardest I think. This forum is a mine of information and support so you have come to the right place!

Well done for doing the first stint on your own though!:)


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