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Grrr partner decides to quit!


Grr I feel so mad, I feel I am doing really well in my quit, 18 days in and feel positive. If I have had a bad day/hour, my partner has looked after the kids and let me deal with it myself ie long dog walk etc.

He has just told me, he hasn,t had a smoke all day and has decided to stop.

Any other time I would be thrilled and be able to support and encourage him, but at the moment while I am still in the early days myself, I don't feel able to support him yet.

He has decided to quit Cold Turkey and the last time he tried this he got very short tempered and irritable and shouted at me and the children and I don't think I can deal with this at the moment.

Am I being selfish?

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Point him in the direction of this forum, then you can both get support. It has got to be good for you too if he stops, though maybe you don't see that yet. I can see where you are coming from though. xx

Oh don't get me wrong, I want him to stop, most definatley, but I wanted to have got over the first six weeks first, we had discussed this before I started.

Aww. Maybe he is just so spurred on by how well you are doing? You'll have to be superhuman , but you never know he could be different this time. Here's hoping xxxx

I would love to think my quitting is what spurned him on, but realistically I think it's because he has to buy his own cigs now and he is too lazy to go to the shop:D. I always used to make sure we had them in the house but since I quit I haven't been buying any. :D

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