No Smoking Day
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I made it!!!

And it sure feels nice in the Week 3 room! ;)

As some of you may knowing from reading my last post on Friday, I was really worried about the weekend. The first weekend was not great for me and pre-empting a struggle I arranged a really busy few days.

Well it worked! I wouldn't say I didn't think about smoking (I do, ALL the time) however I didn't have many cravings nor did I have time to feel that 'lost' / 'missing' feeling. I was so busy I didn't even have time to post on here! And overall I had a great weekend!:D

So I'm here, Day 15 and feeling stronger! Here's to Week 3! :)



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thinking about it

The thinking about it all the time really does get better!! Well done, bet you can wait for that first month milestone, you'll really feel on your way to feeedom!!!


Thanks both! It does feel good, especially after I had so many meltdowns last weekend!

A few more challenges this weekend (namely the first big drinking occasion!) but I'm feeling a lot stronger and I'm definitely going to make it to one month!!



Well done Han proud of ya pal :D


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