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day 19

Hi guys

just joined, u r all doing sooooo well, well done.

19 days of no cigs and feel so much beta especially now im passed the not sleeping stage i dont ever want to experience 2 weeks of very little if any sleep again. Ive had my ups and downs and sum major tantrum outbursts at my husband bless him but he is being very supportive and caring. I cant believe how much money i have saved, i put all my change at the end of the day in a jar its gr8t to c. My energy has improved and i've even invested in a bike sumthing i have never dun b4, going on a bike ride is quite theraputic believe it or not, its not so kind to ur bottom tho, lol :eek:

Its been gr8t to read every1ns acheivements, keep going u r all doing extremely well.

Diamonds xx

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positive day

Hi there,

Thanku 4 ur reply, what a gr8t way u have at looking at keeping away from the evil cancer sticks, very positive and so so true.Imagining David cameron on the boxes is enough 2 give me nightmares,lol:eek:

Had a gd day 2day, i dragged the kids out in the snow and can honestly say i really enjoyed the snowball fights and throwing them around on the sledge without stopping for a few puffs, another step 4ward 4 me which is gr8t. I think i enjoyed it more than them, lol:)

keep up ur hard work and very positive attitude, ur doing fab



Welcome and well done Diamonds!

I'm a new member and a new quitter too and from what I've seen so far this is a great forum, I'm sure you'll get lots of help and support here :)


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