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Day 19 and g'day


G'day all,

Quit smoking last year.( with about 4 minutes to spare).

Was a pack a day +.

All is going really well. Aside from occasional moodiness, guts locked up, sleep pattern all over the show .......not so bad now though:)

Bounced around the first 4 days before bored mind and busy fingers found this site. Have to say it has been good to be able to look up this site for reassurance. Dialling in everyday has kept up the faith.

Was smoking for 20+ years. Last real quit was around 1991 (too long ago to remember for sure). Do remember feeling great at the time until a broken down car one night had a packet left on the bonnet right out the front of the house. AAAAAGGGH.

Always think about that moment of stupidity where I started again.

20+ years later and I've got to say that there was absolutely not one day that went by that I did not know exactly what damage I was doing to myself and anyone around me.

Anyways, this quit has been helped along by a beautiful partner and even more beautiful daughters who can't understand why I smoked. They've been hounding me for some time to quit.

Funny part was that 5 days in, I had to explain I had given up smoking. Shows how ingrained it became in this household that dad was a smoker.

Similar story at work. On holidays from 4-14 Jan. Back at work for 4 days and not one person realised. (still haven't, Curious to see how long before the penny drops)

Can't complain really. It has been great to just go about my quit without anyone else around me providing any stress. Gone cold turkey with first two days alcohol free. Since then, tried to do everything as close to normal as possible to put myself to the real test. Not even close to being tempted. Past quits have lasted less than 12 hours with me caving horrendously. Occasional craves this time have been met with a wicked grin and a great inner sensation that I will die a non smoker. ( but not for decades).

Hope my username doesn't sound too cocky but this time, I've gotta say, feels like it will last last forever.

Will try and post some follow up posts on my progress and definitely provide support to the new quitters.

Cheers Paul

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