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FINALLY able to post - and its Day 9!


I’ve been reading this forum for the past 9 days and after two failed attempts at signing up (activation problems) and a mini meltdown over not being able to post (Day 6 was not pretty!) I’m finally here!

I’ve been quitting cold turkey (basically I’ve swapped my fags for herbal tea and fruit) and this forum has been such a source of motivation / inspiration, I’m hoping it’s not too late to join the Day 9-ers.

Like I say, Day 6 was not pretty. It was my first weekend day, which meant my boyfriend was around me smoking. I’ve made him go to the bottom of the garden, but the back door slamming every five minutes was enough to get me. I actually find it easier at work when I’m busy and have a routine :( So cue a few crying fits and two long walks to keep busy.

But I made it and can’t believe I’m on Day 9. I never thought I could do this long and that thought is keeping me going :)

Really want to do this.



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Hi Han

I know the feeling! I managed to get signed up yesterday and am on day 10 now so pretty much in your shoes!

One good thing - my boyfriend is a nonsmoker so I don't have your problem!

Well done for going CT...I'm using NRT but relying on it less and less...but I know it's there if I need it!

Stay 14 is coming ever close!


Welcome Han!! Welcome to the day 9-ers group too....I'm afraid that means you join me! HAHA.

Your doing brilliantly!! Keep it up! We can all do this together!!

Babs x


Thanks for the warm welcome! It’s great to read all your experiences and so positive to know how well people are doing!

It’s definitely hard having a boyfriend (who I live with) who smokes. He has no desire to quit, however this does sometimes spur me on. Found myself looking at him standing in the snow yesterday thinking ‘what a plonker’… ;) It’s like a light switch has been flicked in my head – I DON’T need or want this.

Anyways, sure you’ll get more rants from me in future, but I’m feeling good today so here’s to week two! :D




Ha ha! That has really cheered me up. Boyf has just gone outside (AGAIN) and I'm feeling tetchy this evening... When you put it like that though... :)


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