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my toughest challenge yet

Well I am here.....the moment I knew would be a crucial point in my stop......11 days in and the other half goes away for thee weekend.......HABBIT......a word commonly associated with smoking.......and when she has been away in the past I tend to chain smoke......well she is not there to frown at me......

So now I find myself sat on the settee alone and the demons are telling me 'just nip out and get some....she will never know and I can lie to her tomorrow' would be easy and no one would ever know.......I have even thought about wearing gloves so my fingers don't smell tomorrow.......

I think of all you lot and how well you are doing and that is giving me strength to refrain.......I just feel as if something so dear to me has been taken away from me and I am missing it......but unlike my first love that dumped me and left me vacant for weeks......I can sort this out with just over £4......

Deep breaths......

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I just feel as if something so dear to me has been taken away from me and I am missing it......but unlike my life which could be taken from me if I keep on smoking......I can sort this out with just over £4

Slightly amended as above to give you food for thought :cool:


Hey Ram,

I will tell you who would know and that's you!!!!

Remember you don't need to smoke, your idiot brain is trying to convince you that you want to smoke so it can feed it's own desires.

That smoking guy is dead, he doesn't exist anymore so tell your mind that indeed you could smoke but you don't want to because that is not who you are anymore and then you will see how quickly it will settle right down.

you are the boss and you make the decisions, now go for it.....:cool:

You got this!!! Smoking is nasty and so over!!! get with the times, man lol !!!


Peace ~ Sherri


Hi Ram, Kick That little devil in to touch! you know what you need to do, and you will feel so good about yourself when you have got over this hurdle.

DONT DO IT!!:eek:


Thanks all......I know you are all right......

But do you know if I put cotton wool in my ears will I stop hearing the persuasive voices.......I have had to turn the clock round so I stop stating at licence shuts at 11pm.....


hey ramasus

Stay strong mucker, I know u can do this. Could you not maybe ask a friend over...or phone someone...just to pass time? Or just stay here...keep reading...keep posting...jus keep busy.

Best wishes x x x


Thanks sarahgum.......I know I won't go out and buy cigs that is definite.....I am enjoying (mostly) my new no smoking lifestyle......I have started running and have plans to run a half marathon ( and eat a few on the way) ......but I am battling with the knowledge that I have an ecig in the house.......I don't want to reintroduce nicotine back into my body but tonight it may help make sure I don't go out........

I think I must have made progress to question if I should use an ecig only 11 days since I quit.......just wish I wasn't in this place to start with.....


I used the ecig in my last quit

Listen there's no shame in using a little shame whatsoever. So if u need the ecig then so be it....

I could actually go a wee ecig right now so I'm rather jealous you have one kicking about!

Good on you starting the running! Runnings great but I struggle to pace myself properly lol I need a running buddie. But keep it up. I ran a half marathon about 3 years ago(1h54m) with my mother. Training was hard work, and took up most my spare time - ideal for an ex smoker!!! Go for it!



Thanks S for your support.......and I would be delirious with that time.......the run is in may so need to her the old knees used to the tarmac.......


Use the E cig if it stops you having a real one which you have not had for eleven days! twelve days after one sleep, nearly two weeks!! youve come too far to throw it away, Hang on in there, we have all been where you are :)


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