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Day SIX how are we doing??

Day six I have seen a pattern emerge with the cravings...the 1st 2 hours after getting up are terrible at the moment, after that I find it much easier dealing with it. Last night was a test with work but I got through it ok...infact I was fine all night really. I am still taking it hour by hour amazing really after 6 days but its the only way I can work it...My one week anniversary is coming up tommorrow and that my friends is a massive hurdle overcome...

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I'm so happy to hear you managed at work last night!! Well done you!!! I know how hard you thought it was going to be!!!

I've surprised myself today too, I've been fine, I managed to go for lunch with a few friends and not have any cravings although it does help that my mates don't smoke! Out for tea and cinema tonight so not sure how I'm going to get on.....especially if I have a glass of wine!!

We will both get to a week smoke free together! We can both do this! :)

Babs x


Cheers babs I was almost worried today when I logged on and noticed you hadnt posted I am happy that you managed to make it to day Six too...Nearly our first week over who would have thought it after those horrible first three days lol..:)


I'm still here!! Hopefully not going anywhere!! :) In my eyes, we have both done brilliantly to get to where we are today!! My test is defo going to be if I have some wine tonight! Wine is a big downfall for me as it is!!


hi its my day six too , was doing great last couple of days , but feel so stressy today , dont crave a cig just pacing around like something is missing , snapping peoples heads off , even went to bed for a few hours to get out the way , feels like day 2 again . hope tomorrows better :eek:


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