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It really is worth it.


Thanks to everyone for all your lovely posts....i have never felt this well for a long time, when i was 40 i had a Stroke caused by high blood pressure but still i continued to smoke, however, i felt guilty everytime i lit up as it was so selfish. I have family & freinds that were concerned for my health but i just carried on regardless....dont get to that stage where you can see that you are compromising your life, thankfully i have come to my senses & am honestly reaping the benefits....Stick with it, there's a lot of living to do out there x

Trudy :)


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Love it thing that is great, is that i no longer plan everything round when i can get outside for a fag, i just get on with my day :)

Like you, my girls are proud of me, they are also really surprised that i've actually got this far, as are lots of friends, as me & smoking went together, if you know what i mean :o

onwards & upwards

Trudy :)

nonico7 Years Smoke Free

Good for you fluff57

Hi fluff57 - congratulations on quitting. You are doing so very well. You will feel so much healthier eventually. need to do this and you can.......and we will all support on this forum when it gets tough.......I feel so much better since stopping on 01/01/13..... both physically and mentally.......long may it last......

I think that what you have achieved is incredible and I am full of admiration. Your attitude is really positive and so supportive. You are a remarkable person with great strength of character.

Hey Fluff, you know what I love about you? You are like a breath of fresh air and you are always positive and helpful. I know everyone is so glad to have you here suffering with us hahahahaaaa!!!

You are one of the ones I am confident will do amazing ;) keep it up!!

Peace~ Sherri

Hey Trudy, every day is an achievement and you are doing brilliantly an inspiration to us all.

Keep it up.

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