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Day 10!

Hi all, Just a quick message before i head to work.

Had app with my "stop smoking nurse" this morning, Carbon Monoxide level has gone from 24 to 2! it's official i am an ex smoker yippee.

My blood pressure has returned to normal (had been creeping up the last year), i'm no longer taking Omeprazole for Gastritis & the ache in my chest & arm have gone.......would never swap all that good news for a cigarette :eek:

I am proud of what i have acheived & so should you all. The support from everyone has been great, thank you all....onwards & upwards gang x

Trudy :)

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Thats Fantastic Trudy, Well done!:)



Well Done Trudy that is amazing - that is less CM than I had when I had my second appointment. Keep it up and you soon wont need those appointments:)


well done trudy!!

Hiya and congrats! I can't believe you are seeing sooo many improvements in such a short space of time!!! Amazing news.

Keep it up hun x x x :)


Well done Trudi.

Double figures is a landmark in my book. What is more of a landmark though would be the relief from the health concerns you mentioned. Certainly puts things in perspective and gives you the extra motivation to succeed, in which I have no doubt.

Lets walk this long road together.



Trudy you're doing great :D

I remember my CM level after 5 weeks was 0!!!

That really helped me to be strong - hope it does the same for you x


:) well done Trudy. Jacqui


That's brilliant, especially 'cos your health problems have gone! That must make you so proud :)

Gemma x


Well done Trudy, awesome news!!


Yay go Trudy, that's awesome news, must make you even more determined in your quit!

Well done you :-)

Karen x


so proud of you

having decided to stop smoking for the new year, I have been lurking here over the last two weeks. I have been through some pretty tempting times (mostly work related) but your posts have been a real help to keep going. Until tonight. Have relapsed with a 'I need this' fag. Am now feeling pretty stupid that after 10 days without a cigarette, I have succumbed. Still, at least it made me realise how fragile a quit can be and that I need to keep trying. Do I go back to 'day 1' or can I still be part of the week 2 gang?


Trudi, That's exactly what we want to hear, you are a legend!!


keep going x

Kentquitter....personally i think if you had just the one hiccup you can stay in our only takes one to get you back to regular smoking, & if you haven't had anymore then dont beat yourself up. You have been honest with yourself & realise it could have undone all your hardwork & willpower, so think again about why you want to quit & how bad you felt when you succumbed to your craving.

You can do this, you just have to stay positive & not allow the urge to smoke rule your life, it is hard but if you truly want to quit you can be in control & make that happen. If i can do this, anyone can, believe me, i've had a couple of failed attempts in the past (over 3 yrs ago) but this time it's different because i really want it.

Dont quit quiting & lots of luck :)

Thanks to everyone for all your lovely posts....i have never felt this well for a long time, when i was 40 i had a Stroke caused by high blood pressure but still i continued to smoke, however, i have felt guilty everytime i lit up as it was so selfish. I have family & freinds that were concerned for my health but i just carried on regardless....dont get to that stage where you can see that you are compromising your life, thankfully i have come to my senses & am honestly reaping the benefits....Stick with it, there's a lot of living to do out there :)

Trudy :)


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