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No Smoking Day
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Had enough!

I've had enough of this pointless habit now.

Quitting straight away, I'm no stranger to cold turkey, having been through the cleansing process a couple of times.

The rewards are superb, it's always the psychological habit that's let me down.

Hopefully now I'm mentally strong enough to realise it's mind over matter

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Welldone Jordan,

Wise words, you can do it! Cold turkey you are very brave, not sure I could do this quite yet without minis! Wishing you the best of luck:)x


Whatever works for us all eh! :)


nice to meet u jordan

Good luck with your quit! I'm 8 days it...its seems to be getting easier and easier! People kept saying it would and now I can see its the truth! All the best jordan. Keep posting and reading. I know I wouldn't have managed to quit if it wasn't for this forum!



Well done for going again Jordan.

You know how good it feels so can't wait until you feel that again. :)

The psychological part is by far the biggest part of anybody's quit however we decide to do it. You sound determined this time :cool:

Stay strong and keep posting

Take care



Hey Jordan!

Well done on your decision.

I stopped (again) on the 1st January. i found i had to get out and do things out of my routine for the first few days.

Good luck, and let us know how you get on!




Welcome... the more the merrier:) Good for you.You will not regret this decision.It will always be one of the very best things you did for yourself. x



Wishing you all the love and luck in your quit. May this be the 'one'

Fi x


lovely that you joined us Jordan. Your head sounds in the right place. Arent cigarettes just the biggest con trick? We all believed we needed them and actually all they did was make us worse in every way. Whether it is hard or easy to stop, it has to be easier really than continuing until they kill us. I feel so sorry for smokers now. I think Oh my darling you are trapped in this awful cycle, and I want to help you out, but you cant really, if you say stopping is easy , many smokers believe that it would not be easy for them. If you say it is difficult, that is another reason for them not to try


agree with mrsm

Hi mrsm, totally agree re feeling sorry for smokers now! Walking through glasgow city centre every day I seem to notice smokers all the more now! My eyes seem to go straight to passer bys hands and all I see is fags fags and more fags! And I just think god that's such a pity, especially when its say a young lass! Not very pc but that's how I feel!



Well done so far Jordan!

As for the habit bit. It helped me to realise what I was missing while I was spending all that times smoking or worrying about when I could get my next one in. You have been missing out on so much. Best of luck :D


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