Hi and Happy 2013

Hello My Lovelies

Just got back from a great New Year break in Belfast at weekend, back to work today. Just logged on, 9 pages of reading to catch up on!

Loads of new folks, a warm welcome to you all. Wishing you all the love and luck in the world as you embark in your quit journey.

I booted Mr S. Cut out of my life on 9th September last year!! So, so happy:)

Fi x

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  • Happy new year Fi, glad you had a good new year. Welcome back.xxx

    Gorgeous dog by the wayxx

  • Happy New Year, Fi. Here's to a smoke free 2013:D xx

  • Thanks Hazel

    Nice to be home and back into a routine, I think!! Spent weekend doing domestic chores, our 21 year old son was home and his idea of cleaning and mine are very dis-similar!!!! He did his best tho, bless!! Most importantly, Meggie was well looked after and walked lots, apparently she's a bit of a 'babe magnet' at the beach!

    Fi x

  • Thanks Becky,

    Good to be back, now comes the healthy eating plan, and lots of long walks with Meggie:)

    Fi x

  • I will make sure I take my daughters dog for long walks too. That is something I will look forward to.xx

  • Happy New Year Fi!

    I'm so pleased you had a lovely time. Pleased you're back though, you were missed!

    Molly x

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