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OOOh Day 7

Hello day 7.

Not supposed to be in here as I am at work:D

Can anybody tell me why i keep waking up with a headache? Its not a thumping headache just a little ache that does go away after couple of mins.

Just having a coffee break and as I am not stood outside with a smoke stick I thought I would pop in here.

Feel like kojac as I have some large Chupa Chups. take ages to suck away. probably rot my teeth so wont have too many (1 a day)

Be back later and keep up the good work quitters


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First of all, well done for cracking the first week!! You've really done the hard part now!!

I can't really say what the headache may be. It can be down to many things; Stress, different sleep pattern, chemical change, dehydration, normal headache....even the fact you're taking on more oxygen, and less bad gases!

Not sure about everyone else, but I went through all kinds of odd changes; both physically and mentally.

You have to realise that what we did to ourselves over a long period of time, was not natural, and whether you thought it or not, the body was always working to rid you of it where it it's sorting itself out, and even though it feels weird, you have to think of it as all part of the cleaning process!! :D


Well thought they were lolly pops but just found that the middle were chewing gum, yuck.

I will keep eye on headaches, could be that i need to go to bed earlier:rolleyes:


"Who loves yer baby?"

You loves you .... for quitting. :)

Try fishermans friends........I know someone who gave up using them.

He's addicted to fishermans friends now :rolleyes: but hey....there are worse things aren't there? :)

Well done staying strong

Take care



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