No Smoking Day
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Day 6 - You gotta hear this: True story!!!!

I wanted to interject a bit of humor into the day for anyone who may be struggling today….

The following is a true story, I know because it actually happened to me and it shows that no matter what the cost a smoker will light that damn cigarette.

This happened to me a few years ago… I was driving down the freeway in Massachusetts when I got pulled over for speeding by a MA. State trooper (they are never friendly, I think their hats are too tight) anyway after he gathered up my required papers and told me to wait in the car blah blah blah, he goes back to his cruiser to check my record and write my citation etc. – what do you think I was doing while I was waiting for him to come back (besides calling him every filthy name in the book for stopping me!) ahhhh, yes of course…… might as well enjoy a cigarette, two if it takes much longer lol. :(

I am smoking away, window open and never saw him come back up to my window until I went to flick the cigarette out….

Oh yea I did, flicked it right straight into him. Oh noooooo !! Well he looked really mad and he said to me why don’t you use your ashtray instead of littering (which was the clue I should have gotten but didn’t obviously.) and like an idiot I said are you kidding, I don’t want to dirty my ashtray, hehehehe !!!! :eek:

He didn’t see the humor because his next words were “get out of the vehicle right now and pick up that cigarette butt!” Now remember I said I was on the damn freeway…… have you ever tried picking any small object made essentially of paper with cars whizzing past at 75-80 mph hmm, YA RIGHT !!!!!

But he was serious and I was going to have to try and retrieve it looking like an absolute idiot. Well I did manage to get it and held it up triumphantly while he said, be right back, and he went back to his car again. Lucky me he came back in just a couple of minutes to present me with my prize lol.

Not one citation but two…… one for speeding and get this…….one for littering!!!! Yup $500.00 for the littering offense by itself…. (that damned cigarette butt) I said (lmfao) :D “but I picked the damn thing up” and you know what he said “Have a nice day” press hard while signing there’s three copies there!!!!!

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Thanks for your smoking story Sherri - certainly had me laughing:)

That was one expensive cigarette: the $500 one. That will never happen to you again as you will never be smoking again.


Ahhh the things we do, the things we do! :D


The funniest thing is I hadn't thought about this incident for quite a while. It was only today whilst out and about that it seemed I was seeing drivers smoking everywhere I looked, and suddenly I got to thinking about when this happened.

He really was douche bag after all I did pick it up hehehe!! :D


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