Day six and house is spotless!

Hi all,

Well, yesterday was a revelation. I felt awful, and ended up going to bed fairly early. But no matter how much lavender mist I sprayed on my pillow, I just couldn't get to sleep. I could actually feel the nicotine rise from my pores like a thin vapour and for the first time in years, I felt energised and full of beans!

I finally gave up on trying to get to sleep at 1am and got loads of housework done till about 4am, then i woke back up at 8.30am and didn't stop until early afternoon. The house is spotless. Yes. I know, I'm a little mad.

I am pretty amazed I am still up at this hour, bearing in mind. I normally need LOTS of sleep or I get pretty grumpy! So anyway, today hasn't been as bad as yesterday. Didn't feel sick, didn't feel tired, although i did have a few cravings though I just acknowledged them and let them go.

Around 11am was probably the toughest time, I got a little weepy and felt sorry for myself, then realised that I hadn't had any breakfast which was pretty stupid really. A slice of toast and a cup of coffee made everything so much better.

Amazing. So I'm still here. Nearly a week now and in theory i should be completely nicotine free by tomorrow. Whoop, whoop!



3 Replies

  • What a brilliant post, I love this!

    Well done Nik, you're doing fab :D

    Keep it up, stay strong

    Molly x

  • Well done Nik, your doing a great job! Your sooo brave going cold turkey! Good on u. Keep us posted...

    Ps do you want to come and clean my house lol

  • Nik......any chance of you doing my house.......I did vaccum the house earlier when I had a twitch......and saw the state of the skirting boards.......I have a job on my hands to sort them out......

    Well done for staying smoke free.....

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