No Smoking Day
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day 5....energised and happy

Hiya guys,

Feel I'm making great progress :-) I struggled a tiny bit on friday night when I had a few wines. But last night I had a few drinks again and I was not wanting to smoke!!!!! It was great. And today I was up early for a swim - don't know the last time I've went both sat and sun!!! And I've been out the rest of the day browsing round the shops. I kinda feel like a new person. Feel like I've got loads of energy and want to do stuff with my time other than slob out on the couch and puff puff puff!!!!

Sooooo all in all feeling very pleased with myself :-)

Looking forward to the week to come......


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I'm delighted for you, well done. :)


Well done Sarah :) nearly a week...

I'm on day 5 too, 5th & final attempt at stopping :D

We can do this :)


Sarah and Denise all the way to the penthouse! That's going to be one heck of a party!!

Well done both of you :)

Molly x


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