No Smoking Day
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Onwards and Upwards

Well, as of 9.30 last night, I have been quit smoking for 3 months!

I've only managed to quit once before, when I was 24 years of age. That time I made it to 3 months and fell to the "just one won't hurt" idiocy.

During that quit I got to the point where I didn't even think about smoking. This time is different, I have an awareness that I am not doing something all of the time. If truth be told, I'm a little nervous of that changing. I feel as though it would be easy to slip if I don't concentrate and keep my addiction in full view at all times!

That is only one of the ways that this forum and the people on it are such a godsend. I just know deep down that, because of you all, I will never smoke again. You keep me centred, determined and strong.

Also, I've made so many friends here. So, I wanted to say a huge thank you to you all for all the support, kindness, smiles n giggles, and quit affirmations that I have been given every single day.

Keep strong everyone

Loads of love

Molly x

Ps have you got the kettle on Fi x

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Mols makes it month 4!!!!


Really made up for you Mols.

You are an inspiration to this site....long may you stay that way :)

I know what you mean about staying focused...still a bit annoying aint it? is getting easier isn't it?

Ohhh yesss it is! (well, it is panto season!!)

Just think Mols, it'll soon be Christmas.....then how far down the road will you be?

Sitting on the Penthouse roof .... that's were!

(wonder what happens when you get to the it a helicopter ride to happiness?.....all expenses paid trip to Freedom! :D)

Well done Mols....will raise a glass to you tonight :)

Take care




Very well done. It will be easier from now on :D:D:D



well done

sending love and encouragement and the strength to continue in this fabby quit x

oh and a big bottle of WINE to celebrate hehe:D


Thanks Greg, lostie, Una and Sarah your replies mean a lot.

It's a happy day x


Well done Molly, that's brilliant! :D


Well done Molly that's awesome, give yourself a pat on the back


Good for you Molly

Hi Molly

Congratulations on your quitting.

Just in case the sight of the mankini has you wanting more "eye candy" - here is another on an Air Force golf course in NT Australia.:)


My Molly

3 Months is amaaaazzing:) , Well done my love, never doubted you for a single sec, I just know that this is going to be 'the one'.

Fi x


Molly that's fabulous, you're fabulous and a great inspiration to me.....stay strong quit buddy xx


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