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No Smoking Day
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17 Months for lost cause smoker

Hi to all the new quitters who will embark on the quest from 2013, I just wanted to share my experience after having not posted on here for a while, I was a dyed in the wool heavy smoker who absolutely loved a fag, whether it be with a beer, coffee or just walking to my car from the shop, I loved it, a really enjoyable pastime.

However, It was pricking at my consience that it may be killing me, I tried all sorts of methods and failed but ultimately hit the cold turkey trail on 19th July 2011, armed with the thought that the non smokers were not any happier than me, so why do I need to smoke!!!

The first seven months are tough for less than an hour a day, and the magical moment where you get over it does not come on a single day, BUT, it does come, it comes progressively until it matters no more.

Today I go drinking etc and never even think about it, all done, all over after 30 plus years of loving it.

You have to survive the first 7- 8 months, there is never an excuse to opt out once you quit, the victory feeling will outweigh the perceived pain of quitting.

Smoking plays an insignificant part of my life now, I don't count days, months etc and in 12 months time - YOU need to be writing the same thing on this forum as you are reading now!!!Its up to you, good luck.

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Hi Pete

Thank you for an excellent uplifting post.

I really did "enjoy" my smoking and that has been the hardest part of the quit so far.....having to give up something I think I enjoyed so much....

It was like a death in the familiy when I stopped!

But as you say, slowly things are starting to change...

Thank you for letting us know it gets even better :)

All the best



Thanks for a great post - really inspiring


Thank you Pete for your timely post. I'm almost 7 months quit and it seems to be getting harder. There have been times over the last couple of weeks when I was going to throw in the towel. People will say its because of Xmas but I'm used to it being just another day and found it easier than normal to ignore it.

You have given me the will to persevere. Thank you.


Thankyou Pete

Its now been 52 hours

When I first read posts quoting how many hours it had been since they lit up I wondered why lol

Now I know.


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