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2nd day.. A wee bit harder but still ok :-)


Today so far has been a wee bit harder than yesterday, I had a mega pang that was on and off for about an hour, it was like having the devil on my shoulder but I got through it :-0 I shared with my friends today that I was quitting and they've actually been very helpful! Not just supportive but actually helpful! Lets hope today gets better and ends on a high xxx

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See.......knew you could do it! :)

With help from your friends you got through the first day....how good is that?

Keep doing that, baby steps, and before you know it you'll be flying high and weeks down the road! :)

Well done you

Take care



Hi Lois, the first few days are the hardest if you can get through them you can get through anything. Keep going and you wont regret it. Just keep reminding your self why you wanted to quit in the first place.


Welcome to the Forum. You will always get friendly support here. Only advice, just take baby steps, and try not to look too far ahead.

Fi x

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