No Smoking Day
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day 8 :)

well I'm 8 I made it!

honestly I am feeling good, other than the water retension..which is so bad im struggling to type ..ha!

anyways..had some bad news son didn't get the school place we wanted for him :(

i could appeal..but what's the point? somebody up high who doesn't know me or my son has decided he *isn't special needs enough* to go to our school of choice. So bullying and a rubbish education are in store for him until he leaves school...*sigh*

sorry this wasn't very smoking related :S I honestly am feeling good with this quit. had a few meltdowns I'm not going to lie it's been hell at times but i feel as though im coming out the other side. the urges to smoke are becoming less frequent and when i am getting stressed i go outside to suck in some cold winter air and i feel better :) knowing that a few weeks ago i wouldn't have been able to do that without my chest feeling fact i would have coughed ,spluttered and probably gone back inside.

onwards and upwards people!

lorna x

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Well done Lorna. :)


Well done dealing with the troubles Lorna

Onwards and upwards is the only way to go!!

It is good that you are keeping your memory green....I kept forgetting that but no more.

Suck that air in and enjoy deep do your lungs go now?

Bet you never thought they were that BIG!!! :D

Well done and stay strong

You're kicking this! :)

Take care




Well done Lorna! :cool:

You're definitely beating this, and that's a good idea going out for some fresh air- think I'll borrow that!!


Well done Lorna and well done for not letting that dissapointment about your sons school become an excuse to smoke! Have a great smoke free Christmas.


Well done Lorna,

Im going through the school battle myself at tribunal on 25th Jan

damn cutbacks.. we can do it just think how stronger we are now x


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