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Quit today


Hey folks, you're probably going to here a lot from me over the next few weeks!

I have up today, I'm 26 and I'm going through my discernment period in preparation to start training as a vicar. 2012 has been an amazing year for me, so much great stuff has happened and as much anything it's proven to me that anything can happen... So why not this? I'm using nicotine replacement and the Holy Spirit and when Christmas gets going I'm sure the hard spirits to get me through. So far it hasn't been so bad, the hubs and kids haven't suffered at all the thing that's troubling me is the feeling that youve forgotten to do something then the urge to do it :-( I've tried to quit before and I lasted a week so I haven't 'come out the other side' yet, does any body know how long it usually takes to get there so I can harden myself to it? Thànks xx

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Hi Lois, welcome to the site.

It's hard to say how long it takes as it's a different experience for everyone. The freedom from nicotene is easy to achieve, the freedom from the aggravating promptings of the subconscious habit are the tricky bit. After all you've spent a lot of time training your brain to expect cigarettes in all sorts of situations and circumstances - stands to reason that when those situations crop up now you're going to feel lost and uncomfortable, even if what you experience isn't a full-on tooth-grinding craving. The good news is, the habit doesn't take nearly as long to undo as it does to create!

A positive mental attitude, a clear understanding that quitting - as another forum member said - is a process, not an event, and the support of fellow quitters will see you through, however long it takes. And the good news is that the bad stuff doesn't last forever. The good stuff does though :)

Merry Christmas!


Welcome Lois and congratulations on deciding to quit.

As Helen says, there is no definitive answer to your question. If you check out some of the posts in the forums for the first few months you will see that people are affected very differently. Some struggle for sometime, while others give the impression that they don't know what the fuss is all about (b*****s!)

What is certain is that the time will come when you are no longer affected by strange feelings of having forgotton something, or any other weird feelings.

One final thought, maybe what you have "forgotton" to do is have a fag! In which case - good!

Remember: keep posting on here, and let us know how you are getting on. If you need to ask for help or need to vent then please do so.

(I get the impression that vicars - even trainee ones - feel that it is they who should be offering help, and may not think to ask for it themselves when they need it!)


Welcome Lois,

Great job o deciding to quit :D... there are some incrdible people to guide you on your way here. Merry Christmas and stay positive!!


Hi Lois

Well done deciding to quit for good this time.

It takes time to sink in doesn't it, that we really don't need this, but when it does......by 'eck it's a good feeling! :D

I wouldn't put a time scale on it, just try to enjoy the ride.

As many have said we can't change many years of habit overnight as much as we may want to.....and I really wanted to believe me...... :)

You have the armour of youth on your side.....how could you possibly fail?

Stay strong and I hope we do hear a lot from you as you keep us informed of your great progress..

You CAN do this ... :)

Take care


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