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Time to move on

That is me over 11 weeks stopped today. I know in my heart my smoking days are done.

And I don't want to be stuck in the waiting place (Dr Seuss ref) and I think, for me this forum represents that waiting place. I know for most that is not the case it is invaluable support. But I don't want to hang around and be waiting for something to be happening. Cause all that is happening is waiting.

You guys are all great but my time here is done. I don't really need the penthouse. I'm more than happy with my loft conversation.

You all have a great Christmas and great quits. I'm away to enjoy myself doing something!


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Have a great Christmas!

Have a great Christmas Paul! You go and enjoy yourself, you deserve it and I hope you also have a great smoke free New Year! I bet the loft conversion is great too!:)


Hi Paul, to each their own, I respect what you're saying.

Merry Christmas and happy new year and the very best of luck in all things for 2013.

Molly (same day quitter) x


Hi Paul, I can completely understand that - go enjoy the view from your balcony and breath in the fresh air as a non smoker but if you're passing by please drop in and say hi!!


take care x


Each to their own Popo, you've been great for me, just a shame future newcomers won't have the benefits of your wisdom too....take care buddy, pop back on here in March and I'll hopefully have posted how well the Half Marathon went ;)


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