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Hello Day 7!

Wow. So at the end of today, it will be 1 week of my cold turkey quit. Wow. Looking back, each day was very long and tough but overall life went on , time ticked by, and here I am at Day 7. Honestly, Day 5 and 6 were the toughes because Ive been feeling sick but my exercising helped me last night so I am happy about that and was able to sleep well !

Today I seem to be having minor craves....spent a good part of the day booking my Dr apt on Monday with an internist and with an ENT for Tuesday. Really looking forward to those to have some peace of mind.

The utilmate test of no smoking comes tonight because I am going to be going out with my friends and drinking....a big big trigger but I am going to try and keep it in check because I would be tempted to light up !

Anyways, here I am and its Day 7 . Wish me luck for the weekend. This is going to be a tough one!

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Good luck for the weekend AK84 you have done just great. 1st week done and dusted!:)


Good luck for the weekend my good man :)

If you refuse to smoke whilst having a drink you will find that it gets easier and easier! ..... now aint that great! :D

It does seem to drag forever when you are in the first days, I thought time was slowed down......

..but before you know it, and I mean this, you'll be one month down the line and wonder where all the time went....huh?

...I can it go fast and slow at the same time!

You don't need luck ak!

I keep telling you,

YOU got this! :D

Well done




7 days, that's fab. You're a Star:)

Fi x


youre a week closer to the penthouse YAY

well done xx


I can't wait to be at day 7 AK mate, great stuff hope to read how well you are doing in the weeks to come




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