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Having a sad day :(


Hi everyone

Very new to this but feel like I could do with a 'hug'. Quit smoking on Monday morning and now using an inhalator and gum. I knew it would be tough but what has really surprised me is how sad I feel. Could have burst into tears last night and just want to crawl into a hole. Feel like everything in my life is wrong! Even checked with my husband if our relationship was ok as felt so low and sad - obviously he didn't have a clue what I was on about. Has anybody else felt like this? The cravings I hope to handle but really not enjoying the sadness....

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big hugs xxxxxxxxx

feeling sad is normal, so if you feel mental it means youre not :D

read through some posts as suggested, they will inspire you and give you strength there are some awesome people on here and all have the same goal as you - as MJ said you are not alone xxxx

extra hugs & chin up babe we're doing this, stay strong

me too

Hi laura.

I understand what u r saying. I had to keep asking my husband the same question but now im on day 12 im felling better. I just think i am mourning my fags and this makes me feel insecure. Just remember it wont last forever.

Big hug from me to you.


Hi Laura, yes it is normal. Some people say its like a bereavement. I don't go with that but you can get sad and even depressed. Some researchers in Canada found, last year, that one of the chemicals in cigarettes is an anti depressant.

Well done on stopping and finding this forum. You will find a lot of good advice here.

((((Big Hugs))))

It's very normal Hun so don't worry, I found it was like loosing my friend though to be fair I might as well had a serial killer as a mate, at least they kill u quick:eek:

Keep it going hunni it gets easier, good luck

Hi Laura

So sorry to hear you are having a tough time at the moment...but I can honestly assure you it will only be "for a moment" in the scheme of things.

I did get very, very sad early on in my quit.

I felt as though everything was crashing down around me, I was not going to make it to the end of the day...

...but after coming one here and getting many welcoming warm cuddles (and as I've said quite a few times before, a good slap in the face from some...hehehe..... in the nicest possible way :) ) I slowly began to feel better.

It does seem sad, our bodies and minds are in turmoil (well mine was at the start)

I honestly felt like my best friend and partner had died!

I was mourning.

But over time I am beginning to see that the cigarette was no friend of mine. What kind of friend tries to kill you and charge you for the privilege!! (I think Allen Carr made that point)

I am sure you will get through your mourning stage.

It is hard but with help from the people around you and the people on here I'm sure you can make it.

Like many have told me on here before, it's hard quitting but not impossible, otherwise nobody would quit and the Penthouse would be a rather lonely place wouldn't it? :)

Try this link, there is a really good section on emotions that may help.


I hope you start to feel better soon,


We are in this together with you

....Oh and here's a great big >>>HUG<<< from me :D

Take care and keep us posted



Hi Laura, I'm so sorry you're feeling sad :(

I didn't feel sad as such when I quit but ever since I did I've found myself crying without really knowing why if you know what I mean. It feels more like a release than anything. Silly things set me off (tv programmes especially).

I hope this passes and you feel better soon chuck, great big hugs from me.

Molly. Xxx

Oooh Laura, So sorry to hear that you're feeling sad. :(

Sending you big virtual hugs and hoping you soon feel better.

(((BIG HUGS)))

Love May x :)

hey Laura

I feel similar to you right now so don't feel alone! I am trying to turn it into a positive " iam crying because my body is purging this poison out of my body!" :)

Thank you all so much - really nice to have so many caring messages. Had a good long sob last night and feel a lot better today, good to get the emotions out once in a while. On day 4 now, feel proud I have got so far. Isn't it funny how each minute feels like an achievement..... Thank you all again for your kind words, I know WE will all get through this and come out stronger, smoke free people. xxx :)


YEW day 4!

Laura you should join the November quitters page!

Click -quick links- on your top right, then-social groups- then November quitters.. where all the people who quit in Nov chat :) ... i just signed up!

Hi Laura, day 4 is great. Well done. I can't wait to be at day 4 as day 3 (tomorrow for me) is a big mountain for me to get over.

Hope to be where you are in a couple of days!



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