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Day 4 - great start

I am loving today. Seriously. Even though my bus was 40 minutes late and it took 40 minutes to get into city (normally a 20 minute journey) and my mouth is still sore (though I am delighted to say that it is getting bearable as time goes on) I still haven't smoked. In fact, better than that, I thought this morning that I would see how far I could get before I have to put a patch on. Still no patch on and no real desire to have a cig. I am realistic in my thoughts that this could change later and I may have to put a patch on but it could also be the change of thought/change of heart needed to go become a non smoker. I already know that I don't want to smoke and I know that I don't actually need to smoke so maybe this really is it. (I reserve the right to stick on a patch later lol)

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still haven't put a patch on or used my spray yet. Mouth has been getting sore which has been an unwelcome distraction but it really was sore on Sunday evening to smoke so it has been a help.


Way to go Mark, well done :-)


Well done mark..

I love them days when I feel on top of the world


Sounding good to me Mark! :)

Great isn't it?

I must admit I tried without my NRT (maybe too soon for me) and had to go back on it but as you said I knew I didn't want to smoke! :D

Good for you and all the best for your quit




Now on day 5 and still going strong


Hi Mark.

Congratulations on reaching day 5. Although I've been lurking quietly in the background, I've been following your posts and loving your positivity. Keep up the good work. I'm on day 5 too and so far so good. It's not been as bad as I thought it was going to be.

May x


Your doing extremely well Mark keep it up, I've been off the lozenges for 8days now and yes have hairy times but still going strong:D

Keeping my NRT though just in case hehe

Well done Mark


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