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23 days YAY!

Hi everyone - I haven't posted for approx 2 weeks and as I have got this far I thought it was definitely worth a message :p. What can I say - I feel healthy and free and have found it quite stress free bar the two occassions where I had to have a quiet word with myself (my partner who smokes was coming home for the weekend after 3 weeks away and I hadn't seen him since I last smoked so it like a trigger for me to smoke but I am happy to say I refrained). It wasn't cravings as such but on Thursday night (the night he was due home and also the last day of my working week so it was a time where I would really relax and look forward to smoking :o) I was just thinking to myself 'normally I would wait up for him to come home and smoke a few cigarettes and drink cups of tea' which I used to quite enjoy and I did feel slightly put out but then I ended up watching I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here and kind of forgot about smoking and the next morining I thought to myself I would normally be having an early morning cigarette with him outside catching up on our 3 weeks apart - it was strange but by the Friday afternoon I was fine and didn't feel I was missing out at all. It was just that initial trigger of the Thursday evening and Friday morning. Also my partner did say to me that I looked radiant and fresher than when he last saw me and that inspired me even more!!! Sorry to ramble on but I think that was the biggest hurdle of all - I think it is slightly harder when you have a smoking partner - is anyone else in the same position? Also like I said it has been stressfree but it seems 3 x longer than it has been since I have last smoked :confused: does anyone else feel the same?


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Hi Mich


well done on getting to week 3 which will soon to be week 4 which means you are coming upto nearly a month :)

yahh thats a great achievement :)

living with a smoker can be difficult i shared a house with my sister that smokes when i first quit but she wouldnt smoke around me and used to go out the room but after a couple of days i went right of the smell of the smoke it didnt appeal to me one bit

there are afew on here that have smokers in the same house and afew even welcome being around smokers too

you just have to be on your guard as that smoking part of you will try and tempt you every now and again to draw you back in normally by saying things like one wont hurt or even one will help if your having an emotional or stressful time but ignoring that voice and keep saying to yourself

i choose not to smoke today

when you wake up in the mornings will help you to reaffirm and strengthen your resolve

onwards and upwards is the way to go






Hi mich

Sorry, I missed your post

So glad to hear you are doing so well, bet you're wondering what all the worrying was about now? :)

I know exactly what you mean .... it feels 3 times longer yet only yesterday!

At least we are not wishing our lives away eh?

Sure I want to be at the 1,2,3 etc year point ... but I wouldn't want to get there too quickly ..... it reminds me I'm getting old! :o

Well done and hope you are still going strong.

Take care



well done - nearly a month, and youve embraced your triggers and stuck the metaphorical tongue out at em.

STAY STRONG!!!!!!! & Chin Up x


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