Getting on with it

Good morning everybody.

I'm at day 3 again. Still in some pain with my mouth but using it to my advantage. I found this morning that walking to the top of my street had me out of breath. I wasn't even back on the cigs a month and it nearly killed me walking up my tiny little street. That was a help in my desire to stay stopped.

I am having a few cravings but all in the head so I am just trying to get on with it. On friday I will reduce the strength of the patch I am using. I am currently on boots 25mg 16 hour patches. I have a packet of 21mg 24 hour patches so may wear them for a few days (but not overnight because it's hard to sleep with them on). It's incredible the amount of NRT that is available but I would like to be off it sooner rather than later.

Hope everyone else is having a good day and that all quits are going well. Keep up the hard work guys!

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  • Congratulations for getting back on the wagon :D

    Reading your post has helped me today as I'm craving like hell and was thinking of caving, but u have reminded me that it's not much fun been out of breathe all the time:eek:

    Keep going and youl soon be where u were before

    Sian xx

  • Good for you Mark, getting on with it

    It's hard at times isn't it but we just got to do it, we know it makes sense :)

    It is so much nicer to be able to breathe deep again.

    Saw a good tip of someone on another post saying take a deep breath and let it out very slowly through pursed lips.

    Have a look at this:

    Seems to work well and steadying breathing and actually feels quite good too!

    Keep going mucker

    All the best


  • Hey Mark,

    Happy to see you're still getting on with it - sometimes things like being our of breath on a short walk really makes us sit up and realise what we're doing to ourselves!

    Fingers crossed this quit is for good, you seem pretty positive now!!


  • Well done buddy, more like the old you ;)

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