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Hi, I found this forum on 7th September which was 2 days after my original quit date. Unfortunately I tried to join but it was through work and the site wouldn't accept my login. Anyway, I had a couple slips so my final (I hope) quit date is 28th September. I've finally managed to be able to log on but I didn't straight away because my grandma has just been taken into a home so I haven't really had time. I've been struggling more in the last week or so than I have for ages though and I can't really understand it. I even got dressed to go to the shop to buy some last night which was really scary. Anyway sorry for waffling on so much and again, hello :p

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  • Hi Molly, glad you've finally been able to log on and join in. Well done on the quit - 2 months that's brilliant!

    I guess we all wobbles at times but the main thing is you didn't give in to the fags! I've found reading about others experiences on here very helpful and some great tips!

    Stay strong you're doing fab!!

    Karen x

  • Thanks Karen. It took me by surprise a lot to be honest, I felt as though it was going really well and then suddenly woke up on Saturday and that was it, it feels like I'm back to square one. I hope it passes soon. Thing is all the people that are supporting me through this are non smokers so I don't feel like I can say anything. It means a lot that I've come on here and you've answered. You're brilliant! :)

  • Hey Molly,

    We are same day quitters...:D

    Could it just be stress of gran going into care that has been a trigger ? I had a similar thing a couple of weeks ago..and I was sorely tempted to go get some just cause I was a little stressed... It passed, I just kept reminding myself it will not make it better.... And eventually I felt ok and felt great I had not caved in...

    Keep strong you are doing great!


  • Hi Molly all my friends and family are nonsmokers too (more reason to give up) so this forum is great to talk or read about people who are going through similar yourself :-)

  • Thanks Karen, I don't think I would have been quit even this long if it wasn't for this forum. I read a lot of posts by short and long term quitters when I first stopped and they really helped a lot.

  • Hi Paul, its brill to find someone on here who quit the same day! We can go all the way to the penthouse together :D

  • Skipping all the way and whistling a merry tune...

    Keep at it... I definitely see a tiny light at the end so somebody in that penthouse has left the front door light on again or things are getting better.


  • Hi Molly

    Hope you are feeling better today

    It is a real pain in the backside isn't it this quitting lark!

    It's like a game of snakes and ladders, up one minute and down the next.

    Thing is snakes and ladders (if I remember correctly) is a game that ends ..... unlike monoploy .... where my wife wins all the ruddy time!! hehe!

    What I mean is if we keep playing we will get to the top one day.

    Over that last 5 weeks I have felt I was slipping back to day 1 but yesterday I felt great, today just OK but I know the great days will come.

    Hope your Grandma has settled in OK and you can settle in to your new non smoking self :)

    Stick with it and give us lot an example :D

    Take care



  • Thanks so much for the replies it means a lot that you've taken the time. I feel a lot better today. My grandma finally seems to be settling in a bit so not so worried. I will not fail at this and I will be walking through the door of the penthouse on 28.09.13 with no slips no matter if I have bad days (that's what I try to keep telling myself anyway!)

    I look after my dad who had his right leg removed 13 years ago whilst on holiday because of deep vein thrombosis due to smoking. I promised him that I have stopped and won't ever start again so failure can't be an option. I can't believe it's taken me this long to even try! I really didn't believe I could ever manage it and I'm incredibly chuffed that I've got this far :D

    Anyway, there I went rambling off again! Thanks for the support

  • Keep at it... I definitely see a tiny light at the end so somebody in that penthouse has left the front door light on again or things are getting better.


    Great image!

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