Day 2

OMG! I am on day 2, not a cigarette since Saturday night!! So Pleased with my self, didn't think that I could do it. I went all Saturday without a cigarette and towards the end of my shift I really wanted 1! So when the car was frosted up and I had scrapped it, I was waiting for it to de-mist and I rolled one!!! Followed by about 3 after I got home! :( BUT I have not had one since Saturday night!! So pleased with myself :)

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  • Well done JeanAnn. Step by step, keep up the good work. :)

  • Well done you JeanAnn

    It amazing how the days go by without you noticing...if you knwo what I mean.

    Baby steps and before you know it you will be weeks down the line.

    Stay strong, you can do it :)

    Take care


  • Well done jeanann and welcome to the forum, storming on!!

  • Jeanann I agree with Greg take hour by hour and day by day, don't think about tomorrow and use your strength to get through 2day ( if that makes sense:confused: )

    Your doing really well, keep it up Sian xx

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