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My reasons

Great to read about everyone else's experiences here.

I did Easyway (audiobook) as well, and am now 2 days shy of 6 weeks quit. Don't really know what to say for Allen Carr apart from strongly recommend that anyone wanting to stop smoking read or listen to this book with an open mind. Nothing I've heard or read so comprehensively pulls apart every reason or excuse we have for smoking. It makes you view it as a curse rather than something to be enjoyed. Cannot recommend this method highly enough.

Anyway, my reasons which at just 37 years old were quite scary:

1) Permanent wheeze and chest rattle which never got better

2) Shortness of breath when walking up even a gentle hill or small flight of stairs

3) Horrible clammy, slightly light headed feel when exerted more strenuously.

4) The main one. I found it very hard to look my 5 & 7 year old daughters in the eye when they asked me the question "why do you cigarette, daddy?" as I interrupted whatever game we were playing to go outside and get my fix. How do you answer that question? If you say "I enjoy it", that makes it potentially attractive to them, which is the last thing I want to do. If you say "because I need to", it simply invites a whole load of other questions which are ultimately going to involve you either backing away from, or admitting you are an addict. If you simply opt to say "Because I do", it demonstrates the kind of pathetic lazy mindedness and lack of reasoning that I'd hesitate to accept from them if I asked them a question. All of that is without the prospect of having to explain how I'd brought a terminal illness on myself if the worst happened.

Best to just stop doing it. So I did. 6 weeks ago (minus a couple of days)

By the way, I haven't experienced 1) 2) or 3) for about 4 weeks now. Exercise is now a pleasure. I can walk up a long hill breathing heavily at the top, but not being breathLESS. If someone could somehow allow a smoker to experience how it feels to not smoke for just 6 weeks, it would be a powerful quitting tool.

Anyhoo, rambling over. Hope this is of help to someone.



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I love your reasons for quitting, mine are very simular, especially with 3 kids at high school:rolleyes:

Im a week behind you on the quitting stakes but is getting easier and i can breath easily again:D

keep going your an inspiration xx


Nice post Limpet, my symptoms were similar especially the wheezy chest, ages are similar too....nice positivity :)


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