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First Day - Day of many firsts

Hi everyone.

How are you all today on this fine glorious morning? Hope everyone is doing well with their quits.

Today is a day of many firsts for me.

Day one, first day of starting a new smoke free life. (ok so not the first time I have tried to give up, but it is the first time I've given up cold turkey.)

First time using a forum.

First time that i feel totally committed to a quit.

I have tried numerous times to rid myself of the dreaded ciggies but each time failed dismally. I've tried patches, gum, lozengers, mini tabs in fact every form of nrt available but nothing seems to have worked for me, so this time I'm trying the good old fashioned way of just stopping.

I've reached a point in my life where I just want to be free from all these constant feelings of wanting just one more.

So today I'm starting my first day of a new life, as a new me smoke free. This time is going to be different, this time is going to be the quit that sticks, for this time I really Want to quit.

I no longer want to be standing outside in the cold or in the rain just so i can have my fix.

I dont want to be totally dependant on a small white stick just to make me feel calm.

I want my life back, I want to be in control again.

I stumbled across this web site by accident and am so glad I did. I've been reading the posts for a while now and what really spurned me on to quit again was all the help, support and advice that has been written on these posts.

I have seen on here that people have been celebrating their 2 year quits and another poster was celebrating their 5 year quit.

This has really shown me that it is possible to do, and I thank them and everyone else from the bottom of my heart for opening my eyes to the fact that anythings possible if you really want it.

So far today hasn't been too bad for me but I know I'm in for a long rough ride, but I know that with the help and support on this forum and a big bag of mints, I can do this too.

Thank you for reading this.

May x

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Hi May and welcome to the forum :)

What a great first positive post as long as you try and keep a positive mindset you will get there just remember to take each min hour day at a time try not to think to far ahead and all your previous attempts put them down to experiences

The fact your not using anything to aid you in your quit will mean that every bit of nicotine wlll soon be out your body try sipping water to aid you in your craves and if you click on the link in my signature it gives you some really helpful tips

Posting on here whenever you feel the urge will help to keep you motivated too and there is a november group you could join that is full of people just starting out on there own journeys just go to the quit links in the bar above and scroll down to social groups and you will find it in there

I look forward to reading your updates

onwards and upwards is the ony way to go





Welcome to the forum May, and congratulations on making a great decision.

It's hard to imagine life without cigarettes when you start on this journey. But I promise you, keep focused and determined and the day will come when you will find it hard to imagine why you ever smoked.

This forum is the best quit aid imaginable. Support, distraction, empathy, and a bit of tough love when you need it. Perfect.

Happy quitting!



Hello May

Welcome to the party! :D

Congratulations on trying again to give yourself the best present you can.

It's great to hear you starting out so positively.

I wish you the best of luck and srength for your quit.

Take care




Welcome to the Forum.

Great post which I can relate to. You say this quit 'feels different', I used those very words. Take this as a good sign lass, because I have the feeling this may be the one for you. Wishing you all the very, very best

Fi x


Nice one! :) looking forward to reading your posts! x


Welcome May, keep reading and posting, it's worth it :)


Hi May and welcome to the forum! As others have said before me - such a great positive post and it's this positivity which will help you to kick the habit for good this time!

Like you I have given up a few times previously but this time feels right and I'm so so glad I found this forum - people around who can be supportive as well as uou being supportive to others I really believe helps the journey!

Please join our November quitters group where there are others on a similar point in the journey to yourself!!

Good luck

Karen xx


Day 1: done and dusted

Wow... Thank you all for such a lovely warm welcome and for taking the time to reply to me. I can't help feeling overwhelmed by all the support and advice that you have all given me, I really wish I'd found this site earlier.

Today I have been taking it hour by hour and have managed to survive the whole day without caving in or killing anyone ;) Actually it's not been too bad at all and knowing that I have managed today without smoking means I can manage tomorrow without smoking too.

Tomorrow I will probably be taking it hour by hour again, but I'm willing to do anything it takes to rid myself of smoking.

Thank you all once again for all your support and advice, it really does mean so much to me.

May x


Well done on getting through the first day May. Keep going and keep posting and reading the forum it really helps in thr early days:)


You've done the first day! Totally impressive and cold turkey too, to me that says you have truly committed to the decision to quit. That has to be the most difficult thing to do and what took me years to do.

You can do it and in fact, you already have done it! I am sending you good vibes and hope you sail through tomorrow with serenity :)

Congratulations xx


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