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Just started wk 3

Now is it normal when u start wk 3, I really felt like a cig today on the way home in the car, but instead i put a chewing gum in my mouth and held a pen when i was driving.

Had a real stess full day today, my health and my breathing is getting much b

etter but started to wake up in the middle of the night.

The only person can bring me down from being so stressed is my Hubby as he is a non smoker and has been a non smoker since Feb...And reading these post's help a great deal..

Im glad i got to wk 3 but really need a cig :mad: at my self because im tempted to buy some... HELP PLEASE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

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keep it up it does get easier its just breaking that routine its not that nicotine gum is it cos ive heard u can become hooked on it i stopped once before in 2000 and sucked and blew on a empty biro like it was a cig and that worked for me



no its not nicoltine gum its normal gum... tried that gum before and didnt work for me.. good idea about the empty biro though i shall give that i try thanks. Tres.x


no probs let us no ow u get on




Will do..:)


The empty Niro trick sounds good, will have to try that, I've had a few cravings today too - put it down to the psychological "it's Friday and been a tough week I need a fag" type thoughts. Not going there though, nearly end of day 10 as a non smoker!


Don't be mad at yourself, it's all part of the quit I guess, my week three was OK but week four was bad, sounds like it's the other way round for you at the moment!! It will pass, stay strong in the knowledge that this is NOT permanent and will pass ;)


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