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riding the storm

Morning everyone,

I'm supposed to be getting ready for work but just want to scream....woke up this morning with a MASSIVE crave! Feel totally fed up and tired of this struggle. I was one of the naive ones that thought after a couple of weeks hardship, things would get back to normal but the craves and thoughts seem to be worsening. I'm doing all the distraction stuff but its not helping the same.

Is there anyone else out there having a hard time at this stage (38 days) ?

Any suggestions ? :(

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You can do it Cupcake, just hang in there. :)


:( Sorry to read your having strong craves cupcake atm

Try not to be too hard on yourself as you have to remember that smoking as been a big part of your life for along time and your mind takes longer to change i used to look at my smoking side as a very annoying child having a temper tantrum but like with any kid if you ignore them they do eventually stop screaming at you but will eventually quieten down

but then suddenly for no reason what so ever it will start screaming at you :eek: and your thinking wtf where did that come from but that screaming is getting quieter the further along the quit you go

Just be proud of the fact you have been smoke free for 38 days :D

it does get easier and you will beat this and win back the control in your life honest trying to keep a positive outlook is the key




Hi cupcake

I am at 30 days in and still having the "constant conversation" in my head!

It does get really annoying I totally agree! :mad:

However, I do honestly believe it is slowly getting quieter .... the knob is getting turned down :)

I don't believe they are craves (or one massive crave!!) that I am experiencing as such, just my mind trying to come to terms with being a non smoker...

..and it's still under discussion in my head ... if you know what I mean.


I am sure as many have said, the volume knob will be slowly turned down and down until I don't even notice it! Thats the day I dream of.

To try and help this along I have been reading a website that is very similar to the Allen Carr's Easyway.

There is a section on emotions that made a lot of sense to me....the catch phrase is "What Resists, Persists!"

This makes sense, I'm trying not to fight my feelings or craves, I'm trying to let them in and acknowlwdge them for exactly what they are, not what my mind "perceives" or "wants" them to be....

Have a read if you haven't already, I'm sure it will be a help :D

Stay strong and like you say, let's ride this out......

We can do it!

Take care



Hi Cupcake, All the above are correct. You need to ride the storm, I know it is horrible, I remember it well but it will pass, you just have to grit your teeth and dig your heels in and show who is the strongest. Keep going you wont regret it.

Hope you had a good day:)


Cupcake you have done do well so far I'm on 29 days and yes I was naive too thinking that after 3 weeks by magic I was a non smoker and no cravings ( yes I was wrong) I read a link Greg left for you on natural ways to quit and believe me it's brill, I now say to my cravings I'm a no smoker and as if by magic it seems to disappear,

Best of luck Sian xx


Thank you all for your replies :)

I made it through the day, hurray!

I haven't had a chance to go through each of the replies in detail as I've just returned home from working a 13 hour shift and heading straight to bed. I'll read everything properly tomorrow. Just wanted to let everyone know I got through in one piece :D


:) Glad to hear your day went well and hope you get plenty of sleep :D


Cupcake, another tough crave conquered, well done. :D


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