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11 days...more of a challenge

Hello All,

Half way through day 11 and I'm feeling a bit on edge.

Nothing has happened to make me feel this way, it's just been around since I woke up.

I've had a couple of moments where I've thought about going to the shop. I keep on reminding myself about what I've achieved so far and also about how disappointed my husband and children would be.

Anyway, just wanted to have a rant and a moan. Hopefully day 12 will feel so much better.

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Day 11 - well done. Feeling strange in different ways at different times is par for the course I think. You're doing well. :)


Well done on 11 days Shell, hope this evening's OK for you, it gets easier with time so keep on keeping on as they say, the days will soon merge into weeks then months then you'll lose count.....and believe me, when THAT happens it really is a great feeling! :)


11 days is great, well done!! I know that restless feeling as I thought about popping to the shop too, but distracted myself and the moments passed. I guess it's taking things day by day and I'm sure (after reading many people's journey on here) that it will get easier!


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