Reached 4 day :)

I am in the Netherlands now,going to lectures and a lot of stressful studying(i am studying European Law),and i tried to quit smoking again(I am 19 years old and I've been smoking for 4 years). Today is my Day 4 without a cigarette.I feel really bad and exhausted.However, i feel proud of myself at the same time.Today is the worst of the 4 days,since my cravings haven't stopped until morning.But I have strong will and I will not give up this time!Any ideas which might improve my condition?

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  • Hi there, avengers. Congratulations on making a great decision to quit, and well done for getting to day 4.

    I hope you'll forgive me for posting a link to an old thread of mine, but it contains the best advice I can give for new quitters and it saves me having to type it all out again! I hope it helps;

    Please keep going with this. If you stop after just four years you stand a very good chance of preventing significant and permanent damage to your body. It is SO worth the pain.



  • Hi, you've come to the right place. What method are you using?

    The best advice I can give is to read lots of posts. You can rant here and we will all understand. Well done on getting to day 4. I thought day 3 was the worst.


  • Keep going young person!

    If you can...get the lozenges and have them under your tongue should you

    have a fit! We are here to support you! All of us! You can do it!

  • Hi there, well done on getting this far and great decision to quit. As someone has pointed out, quitting at such a young age really gives your body the best chance! Also as a student I'm sure the extra money you're saving must be a bonus!!

  • Thank you so much for the support!The worst problem is that i can't concentrate on studying.Everything i read just goes out of my head.Usually before I solved this problem by lighting a cigarette.It helped me to memorize and fix this issue.I am not using any patches or stuff.

  • The lack of concentration is normal. Don't worry, it will soon wear off.

  • How soon?Exams are coming after one month and I am starting to feel really depressed and tired.I can't concentrate on the damn studying.:( Maybe I am stupid or something,but I am starting to think that I will have to start smoking again...For the sake of studying.:(

  • Everyone is different but it shouldn't last much longer. Don't start smoking again. I think the first 3 days are the worst. You could do a search on 'concentration' and you should get some answers .

  • One option is to use nicotine replacement therapy for a month until your exams. That should give you some or all of your concentration back without you having to start smoking again.

  • Well done on getting to day 4, your concentration will get better in time and you will be feeling lots better without nicotine in your system. Keep going and you will see:D

  • Can't see how patches would help. If you're going CT the nicotine has gone already so no point in putting any back in your system and they didn't make me concentrate.

  • I hope the concentration thing will pass.I reached Day 7 and I can concentrate better,but i had terrible carvings this morning.Nothing I can't handle,however :)

  • Glad yu can concentrate better. It will soon pass now. Keep going.

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