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Hello! and a ramble from an ex-smoker

Been a while comrades. :o)

After my earlier spring clean I fell again headfirst into the path of the mischievous and compulsive weed. It took a lot of soul-searching as to why I should feel the need for this habit in my life and came to the conclusion that perhaps I shouldn't be approaching this habit-changing route with gusto but instead with acceptance of what has been, and changing what is now to accommodate the 'new me'.

The years roll up relentlessly and one by one it's like a hammer that hits on my hard nut .. 'So just how much self-harm so you need to inflict before you get the message .. El Stupido!'

So, instead of expecting my self to embrace the new, non-smoking me without warning, I adopted subtle new life patterns whilst still smoking .. for me this has taken the form of yoga .. mainly due to the benefits to my fybromyalgic condition which is made obviously worse by smoking. The thing about yoga is that, if you do it without a body intoxicated by poison, it feels natural. Everyone has something that appeals .. feels right. That, I believe, is what we need to tap in to.

It took a while and much deliberation to get to the perfect moment to stop .. when it came it really wasn't that bad.

So, and am back in the saddle. The seat is wide and the view ahead clear.

Stats .. can't recall when I had my last rollup .. but am on the 3rd week of patches .. week 2 and 3 have been cut in two (I think they probably have a placebo effect anyways). Have sucked .. nil .. quarter lozenges today but the night is young. It's not important (to me) .. as I said time rambles on. :p

Good luck to all out there .. wishing peace in your new paths.

Sue x

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You started, and that is what matters!

You will find a lot of support here...we all have been where you are...

Put a carrot out ....1st 30 day...a special treat...90 days another..etc



Hi Suze14

Yes, yoga helps me too. Iyengar does say that when a person does yoga smoking leaves them. He's got a point.

Many are getting into yoga it's just purrfect for smoking cessation.


All the very best in your quit Suze. May this be the one:)

Fi x


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