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28 days later...


:D Well coming to the end of the first month and going into the new month 2 forum in next few days! Im on day 28. Cant believe its 28 days!

I have never slept as much but thats actually quite a nice feeling!

Im not going to beat around the bush- Day 25 & 26 were Tough! (with a capital T) For some reason it has been like days 8 & 9 was for me. I couldnt shake the cravings- However- yesterday and today I feel like I have come outta the woods -I am relying on my inhaltor less and less and now use mainly every other day if needs be!

ps Hope the gang is going good- (we still need a name!!!):p

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28 days - going well Werthers, nice one. Days 25&26 sound like they were tough, well done for sticking with it.

Congrats Werthers...

I agree day 25 was murder for me( and for anyone else who I came in contact with).

Still no-one ever said this would be easy.

Stay strong

Thanks guys.:D

Its funny- there was me thinking twas over the worst bits but the cravings creep up and slap you round the face like a cold fish! :eek:

Anywho onwards and upwards is my new motto into month 2! :D

Fantastico xxx

That brill Werthers, well done on making the 28 day milestone. Its doubly good to hear you can beat the tough days too! It make it easier for those of us behin you to know it is possible. See you in month 4 in a few days time....

Lots of love

Well done!

Well done Werthers! Keep it up and definitely Onwards and Upwards for you:D

Way to go Werthers, well done:)

Fi x

Hats off to Werthers

We're surely getting there aren't we :)

Well done you :D

I meant to say earlier Werthers..

What a top film that was by the way!

28 days later!


Suits you!


Thanks guys :-) x

Oh and nifty, great film- quite apt as felt quite zombie like in first few weeks! ;)

Last 2 days have been so much better craves wise which is awesome.:)


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