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Day 406...aok


Being in the imaginary penthouse, I don't tend to comment much on here nowadays (shame because the forum was my crutch for the first 4/5 months).

2012 has been a pretty awful year (not sporting wise as the euros, wimbledon, olympics and paralympics were citeh winning the league was particularly pants...GGMU :o) ) Father in Law was in intensive care for months, OH broke her ankle in March and was diagnosed with Breast Cancer in Oct...Operation done, but outcome plus Chemo/Radio in the near future...none of these stressful events has made me consider smoking again (even though OH is still smoking)...stopping has empowered me and the self resolve has extended to other areas of life!!!

There has been some discussion on NRT on here recently...I used lozenges for the first week...I probably wouldn't be on day 406 without them as they helped me on the most vunerable days (days 1, 2 and 3)...I stopped the lozenges on day 6 as nicotine wasn't the was 25 years of mental conditioning/sub concious coping mechanisms...Allen Carr and various people on the forum made me realise this.

Keep strong everybody!!! and good luck on your journeys!!! It is not as impossible as we are made to can be hard work but hard work is rewarded!!


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Thanks for sharing this post with us Dave and congrats on your quit. But the most important news in all this was how Man U lost the Premiership crown last season ;) The look on Fergie's face was priceless and one i won't forget in a hurry i can assure you.

Dave - It's great to hear how well your quit has worked out, despite all the challenges you have faced recently, nice one. Thanks for your post, it's a real inspiration.

Dave - great to see you still stop in now and again. Really sorry to hear about all your troubles, and I hope your wife is given the all clear very soon. Take care of yourself xxx


Thanks for posting that Dave and letting us know how you have been. Just shows how strong you are to remain quit with all that going on. I do hope things settle down for you and your wife gets the all clear.

Man city getting the premier however was brill!:D

Thanks for sharing that Dave. Another example of what life throws at us, we can rise above it. Well done:)

Fi x

Hi Dave, its funny how quitting smoking makes us stronger in so many more areas of life other than the quit. Wishing you all the best for you and yours in these challenging times.

Mash x

Dave you are an amazing inspiration mate

By the sounds you have had a craps 2012, but have remain strong, amazing

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