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First post day 5

Hello everyone, well I thought its about time I introduced myself, I'm Karen and I'm just coming to the end of day 5, found the forum a couple of days ago but just sort of been lurking but finally decided to post.

I first quit in January of this year with hypnosis (no NRT) but started again after 4 months or so - how rubbish is that? I can't even remember the trigger but I'm sure it was the 'just one won't harm' scenario!

Anyway I'm back again as really want to stop, I want to be free again! So I had my last cig on Tuesday evening (6.11.12) and went cold turkey (also using hypnosis cd I got from my original session.

It's been tough, I've had a week off work, which usually would mean me smoking more - I'm kind of a secret smoker, I only smoke at home (well outside) so it has been hard. I did contemplate leaving it until I go back to work tomorrow as I don't smoke at work, but decided to tackle my toughest points first - and I survived, 5 days! Had a few bad cravings over the weekend and nearly crumbled but took one at a time and read the advice on here and got through it!!

So glad I found this forum as it really has helped so far, determined to quit for good this time!

Will keep you posted


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Hi Kazzytee, and welcome

Your post seems really positive. Well done on dealing with the cravings over the weekend. 5 days under your belt - well done.


Hi Kazzytee, your smoking habit sounds a lot like mine used to be. I never smoked at work either, just as you say outside at home. However I was still addicted. Well done and also well done for joining the forum, this will definitely increase your chances of staying quit. You seem to be doing alright though so keep it up!:)


Hi karen,

welcome and good luck on your quit, there a lot of inspirational people on this forum, and help is always available for the bad times.



Welcome to the Forum. Like you and Haze, I never took cigs to work either, so that in itself should only work in your favour. Good luck in your quit my love.

Fi x


Hi all, thanks for the encouragement, it all helps!! Bizarrely I've had quite a few cravings today even though I never ever smoked at work! Guess its reconditioning my body and mind to be a non smoker regardless of where you are or what you're doing!

Reading some of the stories on here are very inspiring and although I know it will be tough, I know that it can be done!!

Cheers all - look forward to my next post which will be in the week 2 thread on Wednesday!

Karen x


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