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A 2 Monthiversary today : )

Hi everyone I thought Id pop in and say hello.At the start of my quit the time went so slow-each day felt like a year! It crawled along...3days,1week,1month etc and then suddenly time started to fly by so fast I lost track of the days.My 8wk milestone didnt seem important enough to do a post and then 60 days sounded real special but I didnt bother and then tonight I realised that I had last smoked on 10th Sept so today is a real milestone for me.Its been going ok.There have been good days and a few horrid moments during which I repeat Alex's mantra of "I can smoke any time I want but I choose not to smoke today" Rome wasnt built in a day and when I found myself getting upset about still getting faint craves and memory whispers of smoking I realised that 44years of a habit is not going to vanish without a trace in 2months!! I imagined the pile of roll ups I would of smoked if I hadnt quit and it made me shudder.About 800 UGH YUK! Poor lungs.I cant believe that I have got this far.I couldnt of done it without all the help support and advice from all you guys on this forum.THANK YOU! All the best to everyone on their quit journeys x Dont give up,stay strong and be vigilant. Love Sue x

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Well done on 2 months, great! Where you are on your quit is just over a month ahead of me, so you are acting like a kind of pathfinder, exposing potential problems so that I can be aware of them before I hit them. It's really helpful, so thanks for the detail in your post.


I couldn't agree more with what biggrin wrote,

Well done sue and thanks for the heads up of what to expect

Sian xx


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