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Day 1


I haven't smoked for just over 2 hours :D

I've been in this room a lot but I am determined to make it into the Day 2 room tomorrow.

I picked today as my quit date a couple of weeks ago because my daughter is coming to stay and she doesn't smoke. I didn't realise until I wrote the date today though that it is 10/11/12 - that is music to my OCD ears :D It feels a bit odd knowing that when I get up tomorrow I will still be in Day 1 though.

Cleaned my teeth, had a bath and washed my hair. My hair smells of bubble gum and my body smells of chocolate orange. One of my favourite things about not smoking is smelling lovely. Being able to breathe is quite nice too though :D

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All the very best to you this time Karri, I'm sure we are all routing for you;) I certainly am xxx

nonico7 Years Smoke Free

All the best.

All the best Karri.

I hope this is the one and we see you in the Penthouse in 2013. You are not allowed to smoke till at least 11/12/13. I'm sure that by then you'll be well and truly over any urge to smoke.

Yaay. Love the date - very easy to remember. Have a great time with your daughter.

You can do this. I have faith. Go Karri. xx

Let's see how you go hour at a time will do if needs be :) as the Chinese say "a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step" ...........

Good for you!

Hi Karri, Good luck, I hope this is the one for you, enjoy having your daughter stay (how long is she here for?) It will be so lovely to be around her not smelling of smoke!Enjoy the nice smell of your hair and body lotion it is one of the many great things about not smoking!

If you want to post every hour, do it.We'll all be happy to cross them off with you:Dxx

I'm delighted you've quit. You put so much into this site (over 4000 posts - that's huge!) that you deserve every bit of support that you call for. Post every 5 minutes if you want! Rooting for you.

So pleased to find this post Karri. :):)

Go girl ... you can do this. You know you can. And remember you're doing it for YOU, not your daughter. That lovely, liberated, sweet smelling life is already hers. And it will be yours too. With lots more money to spend on reaeeaaaallly expensive luxury products!

Post night and day if you need to.

Thinking of you,




I thought you were still going well in your Oct Quit! Must pay more attention!

10/11/12, very memorable date. I wish you all the love and luck in the world and may be be 'the one'

Fi x

Keep going karrie it's well worth it

:D xx

Keep going karrie it's well worth it

:D xx

God Luck Karri,

one day at a time.

One of my favourite things about not smoking is smelling lovely. Being able to breathe is quite nice too though :D

^^^^ LMAOOOOOO Yes that is a nice contributory bonus eh lollol

Whoop Whoop...Inner goddess doing back flips. *doing a little dance* Go Karri, Go Karri, Go Karri lol :D

Hi Karri

How's it going? I've good a good feeling about you that this may be the 'one'

(Just polishing up my crystal ball!!!)

Fi x

:D:DGood for you Karri.:) im on 4days. see u around take care. Jacqui

Good luck, you can do it!!

Aww such a shame Karri, I really hope you're ok, and you know that when you feel ready, you can quit and there's so many lovely people on here to support you

Big hugs x

Sorry to hear it didn't work out this time, Karri. You're so committed to quitting that the time will come when you pull it off, it's inevitable. If you can manage it, be gentle with yourself in the meantime! :):):)

Best of luck Karri

I hope this is your time Karri.....

Marie xxx

I'm really sorry to you all but I didn't make it to day 4.

I feel worthless right now but have taken steps to get some extra help.

So sorry x

I'm right there with you in the failed attempts so I know exactly how you feel. But you are an inspiration in the fact that you keep trying. You will get out of the trap.

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