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Hi Gang

Have been looking back at my desperate posts in February, and comparing that to the non-smoking serenity that I now experience - it truly can be done. :cool:

I am both proud of myself and a little ashamed that I took so long to sort it out. But as I move towards the nine month mark, the pride is winning. :D

I have faced all sorts now - bereavement, redundancy, great, celebratory stuff too - none of which required the intake of nicotine - it is so pleasing that smoking just doesn't seem to figure any more.

Wishing all of you the very best - we are all champions, I think.

Billy xxx

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You are a star Billyo

Congratulations. It is really important for me to see that you have stared down difficulties. I failed in 2010 because work became very difficult. Now I think that if I had not smoked it would have been one good thing in a very bad time. I hope I have properly learnt that now.

Never lose that, Mrs M - it is so true. I never believed I could do it.

good luck to you


Well done!

Hi Billy this is a success story and one that I am very happy to read. You have come a long way and you have proved that even when we find things really tough we can overcome it and reach our goal. Well done you and best of luck for your smoke free future.

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