Into 2nd week

Wow i made it this far,without caving or killing anyone.Still not finding it easy,think i must of picked one of the toughest weeks for me,but if i can get through the rest of today its gotta get easier,very anxious and irritated today and not much patience either,just on the half patches,think i cut out the mints 2 soon but been 4 days without them now so dnt wanna put anymore nicotine into my system,just grateful to have this forum to whinge on,n to read other peoples accounts and symptoms soi know im not going totaly crazy

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  • Just as crazy as the rest of us! :D

    Well done so far, stay strong bayb

    Take care


  • You are doing great

    Well done getting this far, I always think those first few days are all consuming and we think of smoking all day. So get on here and rant and read and do whatever it takes to take your mind off it:)

  • Welcome to week 2. Its cool. I'm thinking less about smoking. Dont feel so restless and deprived after a meal. I just clean up.

  • Thanks all and day 9 almost over and dare i say this,its been better than the past few days,mealtimes and after a brew arent quite as difficult now and i can go without thinking of ciggys constantly,sleeping is still eratic but can deal with that better than the horrific craving,yes ive been a tad bad tempered more than normal with my toddlers but there still here and i havnt caved so,so far so good

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