No Smoking Day
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Day 11 :)

SO proud of myself now :)

My Dad in law begged, and I mean really begged us to quit with him, due to his COPD, so we did.

Then he started smoking again, and he's so damned inconsiderate! I am there about 20 hours a day at the moment because my Mum in law is in her last days and I seem to be the primary carer.

He smokes in the house, in front of us, next to us! The smell and the smoke was soooo tempting! Determined not to give in though.

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I have a lot of time for girls who are named Rachel as that's the name of my oh:) She too has just quit smoking recently(over a month) but doesn't bother with forums.

Oh and well done on your quit. I'll keep an eye out for you and give you plenty of support along the way when i'm around.


Keep it up rachie it's hard especially when the smokes around u all day, I know I'm a carer and I spent long hours with a client that smokes, it's hard but then sometimes easier as it reminds me of the addiction and how I used to smell but don't know more:D

Keep going Rach it's well worth it

Sorry about mom in law :(


Stay strong Rach

I just posted on one of your previous posts as I go mix up which order people post on.........must be an age thing!! DOH! :)

You are strong, especially going through what you are going through, so if you can cope with this you know you will be able to cope with anything.

Take care




I have just done the same as Greg and posted on another thread. Still I say stay strong and sending vitual "hugs" to you at this very sad and distressing time xxx


Rachel is wonderful

It must all seem a bit unfair, but really you are the lucky one. Look at him smoking. Does he look healthy wealthy glamorous clean fragrant and sexy?. If he does and you want to be just like him, have a cigarette with him. Of course in a family crisis we all help where we can, but I would suggest that you firmly but fairly announce your intention of keeping away every weekend , so that the biological relatives are free to enjoy the time with their mother, nanna etc.

Stay strong Rachel.


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